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Mehr Geschwindigkeit fürs E-Learning

Slow Internet speeds and frequent outages were the major hurdles stopping Emmanuel Anglican College (EAC) from transitioning to a digital learning platform. Situated in Ballina in northern NSW, EAC’s regional location meant the school was literally positioned at the very end of serviceable ADSL, meaning connectivity was extremely cumbersome and unreliable. To achieve the school’s goals of enabling online learning for their students, EAC turned to Viprinet and their Australasian partner Wired Sky for the bonding solution.

Overview of benefits

  • Reliable Internet link independent of location
  • Increased bandwidth by bonding all links available into a single Internet connection
  • Minimized outage risks by distribution onto different media and providers

The task

With a single ADSL1 connection delivering a downlink speed of only 1.5 Mbps, the 500 students and staff at EAC struggled to access any online materials. In practical terms, the Internet connection was unusable; not only was the speed unbearably slow but the connection was often down due to line faults and issues at the local exchange. The school’s strategic plans for Distance Learning and IT intended for high Internet usage through web-delivered applications and video conferencing, which meant ruling out wireless or satellite connectivity due to bandwidth availability and costs. Wired Sky proposed to solve this problem by implementing a Viprinet solution – this would combine all the school’s Internet links into one single Internet connection, thus increasing available bandwidth whilst lowering the risks of link outages.


EAC reviewed alternative solutions that promised to solve their bandwidth problems. However, when the Viprinet bonding solution was demonstrated on their network, the school realised just how much bandwidth speed and redundancy they could get for a lower cost than expected. During the trial, Emmanuel College utilised one Multichannel VPN Router 1610 with three ADSL2+ and two 3G/UMTS modules and connected it to a Multichannel VPN Hub 2000 hosted at Wired Sky’s data centre. By combining the bandwidths of all available Internet connections into one bonded link, EAC’s Internet downlink speed increased from 1.5mbps to 10mbps. And when the school was ready to roll out the solution, their old router was simply removed and replaced with a new Viprinet router, all installed and fully operational in under half an hour.


By upgrading their Internet connection with a Viprinet Internet bonding solution, Emmanuel Anglican College’s investment has already provided a positive return. Before the upgrade, e-learning accessibility was extremely limited, whereas students now have speedy and reliable access to the richest sources of information and education in the world. Students are also benefitting from an increase in learning times with the length taken to setup lessons and download resources being considerably reduced. Plus the added bonus of built-in redundancy in Viprinet’s technology means since the solution was implemented, the school has been able to rely on 99.99% Internet uptime.

WiredSky Pty Ltd

PO Box 247
NSW 1675

Customer Opinion

Moving to our digital learning platform would have been unthinkable on our old network. Viprinet was key to the transition by providing us with 10 times more bandwidth than what we used to have, despite the school being located at the very end of serviceable ADSL.

Emmanuel Anglican College

Customer Profile

Emmanuel Anglican College

  • Branch/Business operating area: Education
  • Headquarter: Ballina, NSW, Australia
  • Established: 1998
  • Company sites: 1
  • Number of employees: 54
  • Contact: Nick Kanaef, IT Manager

Products Used

Project Facts

Providing a college with reliable broadband Internet for cloud services and video conferences

Hardware used:

5 Multichannel VPN Router 1610
3 ADSL modules
2 3G/UMTS modules

Project launch: August 2011

Remote station hosted by Wired Sky


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