Cable Extension

High-quality, low-loss CS 29 coaxial cable for indoor and outdoor installation. The cable is available in lengths of 5m and 10m, the connectors are SMA (female) and SMA (male). For 4G/LTE, the cable extension is also available as a twin cable. With these cables, you can extend the cable supplied with the UMTS Directional Panel Antenna resp. the LTE / UMTS MIMO Dual Omni Panel Antenna from 5m to 10m or 15m.

Please keep in mind to always use the shortest possible cable in order to minimize signal quality loss.

Technical Specifications

  • Attenuation: 0.3 dB/m
  • Connectors: SMA (female), SMA (male)
  • Cable lengths: 5 m or 10 m


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