This integrated modem hot plug module was designed to be directly connected to your xDSL/phone splitter box – an external xDSL modem is thus no longer required. This saves efford and power; in addition, the router is able to directly control the chipset of the integrated modem and, by that, will achieve optimized performance – even fully utilized lines stay low in latency, which is especially suitable for VoIP applications. With VDSL2 profile 30a, our modem module supports symmetric VDSL speeds of up to 100 Mbps for down- and upstream. Also, it is downward compatible, and thus can be used with ADSL connections.

The Viprinet ADSL2+ Annex A Hot Plug Module


  •  1x RJ45 jack to connect to the xDSL splitter by CAT.5 cable (splitterless operation also supported)

Transfer Rate

  • Download: 100 Mbps (VDSL2 Profil 30a)
  • Upload: 100 Mbps (VDSL2 Profil 30a)

Supported Protocols

  • Carrier Sets (G.hs): I43, V43, A43, B43, J43
  • Annex A/B/J/L/M
  • ADSL1/2/2+
  • VDSL1
  • VDSL2 Profile: 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 12A, 12B, 17A, 30A
  • PPPoA
  • PPPoE
  • RFC1483
  • IPoA


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