4G Europe LTE 450

The 4G Europe LTE 450 Module enables every modular Viprinet Multichannel VPN Router to support all current mobile phone technologies. The mobile phone standard LTE – also called 4G – is already available in many countries worldwide providing higher bandwidth connections at lower latencies at the same time compared to 3G. It is the current state of mobile phone services, and thus provides long-term feasibility.

With the 4G Europe LTE 450 Module, the newly emerging 450 MHz LTE mobile phone networks can be utilized – a frequency range formerly used for CDMA networks. Due to the characteristics of the 450 MHz frequency range, these networks enable extraordinarly far-reaching reception even in economically challenged regions. In addition, this module also exhausts the bandwidths of classic mobile data standards: In regions with insufficient LTE coverage, it automatically falls back to UMTS. With its SMA connector, the module can be connected to any external antenna to increase available bandwidth even with insufficient network coverage.

Please note: LTE uses different radio frequency bands depending on the country. This module supports the mobile network frequencies 450/800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz common in Europe and other regions, but not the 700 MHz band used in the US. When choosing an external antenna, please make sure that it supports the LTE and UMTS frequency bands available.


  • 2x SMA connectors (female) to connect an external MIMO antenna

Frequency Bands


  • Band 3 (1800 MHz)
  • Band 7 (2600 MHz)
  • Band 20 (800 MHz)
  • Band 31 (450 MHz)


  • Band 1 (2100 MHz)
  • Band 8 (900 MHz)


  • GSM900 (900 MHz)
  • GSM1800 (1800 MHz)

Transfer Rate

  • Download up to 100 Mbps within 20 MHz bandwidth (up to 70 Mbps in 10 MHz bandwidth)
  • Upload up to 50 Mbps within 20 MHz bandwidth

Supported Protocols

  • 5 MHz
  • 10 MHz
  • 20 MHz


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